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Fishing in the HEAT

It’s no secret the days have been rather hot lately.  Summer has had it’s full grip on the temperatures, both air and water.  We have also seen our share of afternoon storms, some of which have dropped lots of rain in short periods of time.  This has kept most of our rivers at normal or higher than normal levels for this time of year.  That is certainly a good thing for the trout fishing, but not so much for warm water fish in local rivers like smallmouth and largemouth bass.  The local warm water river fishing has been very hit or miss, mostly because rivers like the Broad have been high and muddy from rains.  I did get over to the Broad a few weeks ago on the kayak, and the water was the muddiest I have personally attempted to fish it.  I managed mostly small fish in the 8 inch to 10 inch range before finally connecting with a decent 2 pound largemouth and nearly as big smallmouth before calling it a day.


Best smallie of recent trip

The lake fishing has been pretty steady as of late, with the rains keeping the water temps a little cooler on some days than what we would normally see.  This has helped out the shallow water bite, especially on topwater presentations.  Early morning and late evening is still the best for topwater bass action, but the panfish have been hitting popping bug/dropper combinations all day long.  I did manage to pick up a big largemouth this week, but I was dragging the bottom of a point in deeper water at around 3pm in the afternoon of a hot day when I lucked into it.  Trout fishing has been good with the river levels having plenty of water in them.  Dry fly/dropper rigs are best for smaller wild trout water, stocked trout will take a wide variety of flies so just keep an eye on the weekly stocking reports to know where the fish have been put.