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Fall is a Season for Fun

Such a great time of year, at least I think so.  Fall colors with the leaves changing, cooler air, trout fishing, deer hunting, and football!  Great times to be had for sure.  Fishing on the lakes can be good as well, so let me not forget to mention that the bass action can be great this time of year too.  But for me, trout fishing tends to be my choice of outings in the Fall.


Oh sure, it might be a stocked fish, but the colors on this brook trout are still awesome, and there are plenty of these guys in the rivers this time of year.  Delayed Harvest rivers in NC have gone back to catch and release only and have been stocked with fish.  The SC Delayed Harvest rivers will follow the same in November.  Keep it simple with fly selection, a few wooly buggers, some worm and egg patters, a few stonefly nymphs, and some size 16 and 18 natural colored nymphs for the picky eaters and you are good to go.  Wild trout waters will fish great now as well, although lack of rain has really lowered the flows in most places down to a trickle right now.  Water temps are good, but flows, not so much.  Hopefully we will get some much needed rain to help the stream flows out.  In the mean time, the fish may be a little spookier than normal so you may need to go with longer leaders and drop the pound test size to get bites.  Check the short video of one of my latest outings on the Facebook page.


Deer hunting also is in full swing, and I got on the board already this year with some meat for the freezer.  And football is well into the season and there have been more than a fair share of entertaining games.  Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all just add to the magic of this time of year.  Enjoy.