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Lake Fishing Action

The month of May is always a fabulous time to be on the water.  Warming water temps brings plenty of fish up into the shallows, which makes them more accessible for a fly rod.  Bass and panfish of all sorts move up onto the banks and can be caught using a variety of flies.  Typically I will attack the shallows with a combination of a top-water popping bug with a sinking wetfly dropped off the back.  This two-fly combination can be very effective at catching the fish roaming the banks this time of year.  One of my first good bass taken on the fly this year actually came on a wooly bugger, I spotted this fish cruising the bank and dropped the fly out in front of it and it was game on:


I have been breaking in a new boat this spring, thanks to guys at East Cape Skiffs in Orlando FL.  The Lostmen they built me has been seeing plenty of action so far.  I researched these boats for about two years before finally pulling the trigger on one.  This boat only needs about 5 inches of water to float in, and is very stable with a large casting deck.  It also has a raised, removable casting platform and poling platform over the motor that will aid in sight fishing in the shallows.


I have been spending time mostly out on Lake Bowen and Lake Blaylock getting the new motor through its break-in period.  We have been doing some bass fishing and going after the bluegill in shallows.  The family got the the first test of the new boat out on the lake, just a quick trip to get the permits purchased and get the boat on the water.


My buddy Fred and I both got into some decent bass on our day out on the lake.



I also got to try out a new fly rod recently.  I picked up a 0wt fly rod, very light weight and a whole mess of fun.  Got a crappie on it, as well as a bass the first time out.  Plenty of bluegill on it as well.  All of these fish were taken with the popping bug/dropper combination.  Get out and do some fishing now if you have the chance, as it is prime time for action!