Spring Fly Fishing Adventure With New 4rMations

This past weekend I had the privilege to guide and fish with the guys at New 4rMations (<<link) in their Spring Adventure 2016.  They had a good group of guys staying the weekend in 2 rented cabins, and some of these guys had never done any fly fishing before.  Check into their website at the link for more info about what they do.


The weather forecast looked iffy, with lows around the freezing mark and predicted 20-30 mph winds.  Thankfully neither of those really panned out, and the temps were in the 40s-50s and the winds really never got bad, only a few gusts here and there.  After a good breakfast, I gave a short group lesson for the guys new to fly fishing.


After the short lesson, it was time to get everyone in the water and get after some fish.  We started out most guys throwing small streamers to try and get a few of the aggressive fish to chase and bite.  After that, we switched over to drifting nymphs under an indicator, and it seemed that the trout were willing to take stoneflies quicker than anything else we tried.  The key was focusing in on the areas of deeper water relative to the surrounding area.  All the guys had opportunities to land some trout.  Several of the guys that were more experienced wandered off to new water and did and their own thing.  The rest of the group stayed in an area right in front the cabins and had a great time fishing together.

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While I was moving around to scout some new water, I was lucky enough to hook into a nice brown trout that was willing to take a photo:
12985415_2003869609838190_8018915800613476525_nEach evening the guys enjoyed a great meal (shout out to Jim Sharpe for the awesome bacon wrapped grilled pork tenderloin on Saturday) and some good discussion around the campfire.  Great messages were brought by Charlie, Tim and Levi to cap off a great Spring Adventure weekend for the guys that made the trip.  Enjoyed my time as always, and thanks to New 4rMations for inviting me to be a part of it.