Recent Fishing Outings

I thought I would post a quick update on what has been going on recently.  The past month has been filled mostly with introductory fly fishing trips on the local lakes.  Lake Bowen and Lake Blaylock have been the two main locations for putting folks on some panfish action with the fly rod.  Most of these people had never fly fished before in any capacity, so these trips were designed to teach basic casting, accuracy, hooking and landing fish and just overall getting comfortable using fly fishing gear.  I had several trips in which all the photos were taken with the clients phones, so I don’t have pics for everybody.  The standard popping bug/dropper combo was used for most of the fishing, but we also used a size 8 olive wooly bugger for sinking into the deeper areas that were holding fish that were not willing to come to the surface.  My buddies Preston and Will helped me do some early scouting to find some of the areas that had active fish, both were able to hook up and land doubles:



Several cold snaps, especially night temperatures had put the fish in the shallows into a bit of a confused state on several occasions.  As soon as the fish moved into to spawn, the water temps would drop 15 to 20 degrees in a two day span.  This sent the fish into a shell shock of sorts, but as afternoon temps warmed things back up, they seemed to settle back in.  Because the fish were not as aggressive as usual with the cold snaps, we used the sinking wooly bugger to get a little deeper into the areas that the fish just did not seem to want to move from the bottom.  It all worked out in the end, and everyone had a good time getting into fish and learning how fun the fly rod can be.

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