Now is the Time

Time to be hitting the warm water fisheries for the panfish that is. May and June can be fabulous for chasing the bluegill and other panfish around on the local lakes and rivers. Typically you can find plenty of shallow bluegill as they move up on beds to spawn. If you can locate these, you can have a grand time of fast and furious catching on the fly rod. My daughter Sage likes to catch them during this time, so I got her out on the water this past week and she had a good time catching them on a 4wt set up. Using the typical Boogle Bug popper with a sinking dropper fly off of it, she landed numerous good sized bluegill. She then proceeded to give each of them a name (girly stuff like flower, sunshine etc.) before she released them back into the lake.

I have had several guided trips out recently and all of my clients were able to get into plenty of bedding bluegill and shellcracker. These fish will remain shallow for most of the month of June, especially around the full and new moons. I did some fishing from my kayak this month as well, and I managed to land the biggest bluegill I have caught so far this year. A nice fish that almost covered my lap:

I also had the joy of getting into a few smallmouth bass recently. It has been a while since I had caught one, and I reminded myself of how much fun they are. I landed several good ones while out on the lake with my buddy Fred. Looking forward to doing it again really soon.