Fishing Update

As you have probably noticed, we have been getting plenty of rain lately.  Because of that, much of the rivers have been too high and muddy with water flow to deal with most of time, especially the lower elevation warm water rivers around Spartanburg.  Some of the higher level trout waters in SC and NC clean out pretty fast, and the extra rain has kept the levels good and the trout happy.  Most of the river fishing right now should be concentrated on these higher elevation trout waters that the clean out faster and have a reasonable flow level for wading.  Lake fishing has still been a good option because the higher rain totals does not keep you from being able to get on the water.

Summertime bass

The lakes may be muddy or dingy water compared to normal but that is not necessarily a bad thing.  Panfish have still been hanging around the shoreline and make an easy target for the fly rod.  You can also beat the heat by sitting under a bridge and fishing with live bait like I did with the kids recently, it might not be fly fishing but it is still a lot a fun.

Fishing with the kids