Fishing Is Heating Up

It’s that time of year again, that time when I have to decide just which species of fish I want to chase. Certain times of the the year that decision is made for me just by knowing what the different fish like in terms of water conditions. However, the months of March through May can be fabulous for just about everything. Bass, bream, crappie, stripers, trout, and the list goes on. I try to fit in as many different fishing outings as I can during these months, and I would suggest you do the same if you can. The trout fishing has been good on a variety of rivers and I got several good ones on the Davidson river lately, including this nice rainbow:

I started early in the morning throwing streamers until the sun got up on the water. Once the bug activity started to increase I threw a variety of dry flies and nymphs, having most of my success on elk hair caddis dry flies and small rubber legged nymphs in size 18. This nice brown actually took the elk hair caddis dry fly:

I also dusted off my boat and got out on Lake Bowen for the first time this year. Water temps at the boat ramp were around 59 degrees when I launched. I caught several small bass in fairly shallow water, all less than 5 feet deep and mostly on a spinner bait. I did not catch anything bigger than 2 pounds on this outing. I did see several fish cruising in the shallows up next to the bank, so it will not be long before the first wave of larger fish makes their way into the shallows. I even managed a yellow perch from next to a boat dock, colorful fish.