Fabulous Fishing

Fall is always a great time of year, in my opinion. College football kicks back in, deer hunting, Fall colors of leaves changing, and of course great fishing. Many trout streams fish well this time of year, from catch and release water to high elevation wild trout water, and even some local put and take South Carolina streams. I have fished several different catch and release streams recently and had fabulous days each time. A few good sized fish brought to net as well as high fish count

Most of my large fish have been caught on smaller nymphs, sizes 16 and 18. I have thrown plenty of streamers and larger nymphs which have certainly caught me plenty of fish, but for one reason or another the larger fish have been caught on smaller flies. Just coincidence most likely, as I have certainly had good luck in the past on catching large fish on bigger flies as well. This rainbow took a small rubber legged nymph late afternoon on the Davidson river:

Will was able to cash in on his biggest trout so far while dragging a double nymph rig with some split shot trough a deep cut where we had seen the fish working.

Will and I also hit some put and take water in South Carolina. We only had a few hours, so we stayed local and had the river to ourselves for a few hours before the bank fisherman showed up. We caught a good many fish on a variety of flies including yellow stone flies, black stone flies, san juan worms, and even elk hair caddis dry flies. We were there 4 days after the SCDNR had stocked, and while there were plenty of folks fishing and keeping fish, we found more than enough fish still in the river to have some fun. Interestingly enough, most of the bank fisherman were not catching much, as the fish were not responding to any presentations that did not drift naturally. That worked in our favor, as we were wading the river and using fly rods, giving us the ability to dead drift flies, and we pulled numerous trout out of holes after other fisherman had struck out using spinning gear. So, don’t be afraid to stay local and try the SC water, you might be pleasantly surprised.