Cold Water, Cold Fish

So we had ourselves a little deep freeze to start the year in 2018, and many lakes and even rivers were frozen over for a few days.  That cold snap seems to have had a lingering affect on the fish for a few weeks because they have been very lethargic and bite has been slow for most of 2018.  That may be changing now with some warmer air and rain finally coming back to us.  I did manage to catch fish on all of my outings this year, but they seem to be few and far between.   And the fish that I have caught, especially in the lakes, have been low on energy and not putting up much of a fight.  I did start off the new year with my first catch being a decent largemouth bass.

First fish of 2018

Trout certainly don’t mind the cold, but they have been hanging deep, and the rains and higher water levels have made them tough to get to at times.  Plenty of split shot and multiple drifts can be the key.  Looking forward to some good Springtime fishing in the near future.

Cold day rainbow